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Nurture, the Smart way!

Developing Healthy Minded Children

AR Teaching Aid for teachers / schools

Facilitates Immersive Classroom Learning

Animated Characters for mindful storytelling

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Why Us

Our mission at SmartNurture is to empower nurturers (namely parents & teachers) with a mindfulness tech solution for children.


For children between ages 4 to 7 yrs facilitate greater cognitive & behavioural wellness, skills which can carry through to teenage years & adulthood


That neuroscience research has shown that children's neuroplasticity is accelerated between 4 & 7 years old.

Our solution aims to positively impact learning and cognitive development during those critical ages.

Children in Yoga Class

Grow Mindful & Happy Children


Augmented Reality 

Edtech solution


Immersive Classroom Learning

Simple Teaching Aid

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Characters for Mindful Learning


Such interactive & immersive education, in the form of active learning, accelerates children's retention of information.

The objective is to give them life tools of valuable mindfulness & yoga techniques from an early age 

See a demo of the interactive AR feature in the classroom

How It Works

Characters that come to life in the classroom

mindful mate character_edited.png

My Mindful Mate

Yoga Friends

As Featured on

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London Business School Launchpad programme 2019

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Xoogler Demo Day London 2019

Try the SmartNurture AR demo!

Use our technology to create an immersive experience for your students, to accelerate their mindfulness learning!


Growing Mindful Children 

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